Miss Lo- 8 months!

Oy. I’m late by a week!  Life is crazy these days.  Work is at its busiest point all year as we prep for school end close and start up the summer season. And gone are the days where I can set down little Lo and do something productive for half an hour.  My little baby is moving around so quickly and fearlessly- her new trick is to follow me into the kitchen.  So we spend a lot of time on the floor with her, playing with new toys and practicing ‘be nice’ to the puppies.  So far Levi is pretty unaffected- he just does his own thing, stopping by for a quick sniff once in awhile.  Puck though? Puck and Lo are going to be best friends, we can tell already.  When she cries, he’s there immediately.  When she’s on the ground, he’s lying next to her and he’s been so good as she starts to climb on him and give ‘kisses’.  (I just play oblivious to the obvious dog hair she’s ingested thus far.)

Puppy and Baby Games

Puppy and Baby Games

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She’s starting to get mobile!

Oh man. As much as I am excited to see this little girl grow up, I’d be more than content to have her stay stationary a little longer.  Yes, I know it’s a great thing that she’s gaining motor skills and developing on schedule. But I gotta be honest- it’s really convenient to plop her on the floor, walk downstairs to get laundry or go to the bathroom, and come back to her still lying in the same spot.  That’s all changing.

Although she’s not actually crawling yet (as I mentioned in her 7 month update), she’s starting to figure out this whole moving around business. She can get up on her hands, up on her knees and has the movement down. She’s yet to get all of that in sync to crawl for real, thankfully.  BUT she is starting to get her own method of transportation. She rolls over back and forth, scoots on her front and back, and turns herself around in a circle.  I was finally able to capture a little bit of it on video, but I trimmed it down. It was originally a 5 minute clip, but I thought you’d all get bored with that!

One of the best parts about her being more mobile? The dogs. I think they’re starting to realize that she’s a human, too. Between the blabbering and pulling their tails and now moving around a little- they know something’s up.  Puckett is always lying next to her when she’s on the ground. I think it’s half “play with me!” and half “don’t hurt yourself!” intentions. Either way, I love watching the dogs and Miss Lo figure each other out.

Miss Lo- 7 months!

So we meet again, monthly check-in.  Again with the cliches, but where has the time gone? My baby is now forreal closer to a year old than she is to her birth.  And, oh, how she’s grown. I can’t believe how much has changed just in the last month!  Miss Lo’s becoming more and more of a little person every day.  She’s showing us pieces of her personality daily, and while I am so excited to see the person she becomes, I’m a little terrified too.  It’s probably no surprise that Jeremy and I have a daughter who is strong-willed, opinionated, and independent. But I never thought we would be dealing with these traits at a mere 7 months of age.

You're taking my picture?!

You’re taking my picture?!

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