Laundry Pedestals (aka the best DIY ever)

2014 update: these things held out VERY well the last few years.  We recently moved to a new state, and I think I’m going to miss the elevated washer/dryer more than anything else in that house!

That might be the longest blog post title I’ll ever write, but I’m totally ok with that.  Know why? Because this beautiful handiwork of my husband is totally worth a few extra words.  Seriously, I love it so much.  I first got the idea from, where else, pinterest.  Here’s the original pin that caught my eye. Clicking on the picture should direct you back to this website; if you visit the (awesome) blog, you’ll see some (awesome) step-by-step directions with complete drawings. We used the given directions, but had to change the dimensions slightly to fit our washer and dryer.

We knew we wanted to make this, and Jeremy figured it’d be a nice ‘easy’ project to start off this home renovation projects. My sister came to visit with our dad’s SUV. We took full advantage of the extra room and took a trip to Home Depot. Our 8′ long 2x4s just barely fit.  We got home, unloaded, and he got right to work measuring. Check out my husband hard at work in our garage:

Home depot was nice enough to cut the plywood for us in the store (I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have fit in the car otherwise.)  The rest of the lumber Jeremy cut with his new circular saw.  He did all of this work, so I can’t comment on it too much.  But, judging from the plans, it was a lot the same cuts repeated on multiple 2x4s.  We tried to plan it without too much waste, but we could only buy the plywood at a certain size.  He was able to reuse the scraps to build a few shelves in the garage, and the rest will be put to use somewhere else in the house.  Of all the wood we bought, here was the ‘extra’ stuff:

To be honest, I don’t have much input on the actual process of cutting and screwing/glueing the pedestal together.  I left for work one day, and it was completed when I came home. :) This is what sat in our garage for a few days until we had time to paint and move the pedestal.

I’ll include this picture, too, so you can see what the pedestal looked like assembled, before we painted it.

The pedestal didn’t stay like that though. We knew we needed to get the whole thing downstairs to the laundry room, which is in our basement.  We decided to keep it in those two pieces while we painted it, to make it easier to move. We used some paint we picked up for the living room to finish the pedestal. The paint we chose was the Behr Pepper Spice color; a nice medium brown tint.

Once it was painted, we gave it an hour or so to dry (yup, that’s all it took.)  Then we locked the dogs in the back yard and finagled the two huge (heavy) pieces down to the basement.  Jeremy assembled them downstairs after we flipped it all upside down so he could screw the pieces together (he used 4 wood screws in each corner.) Then we flipped it back right-side up.  Don’t be misled, this sounds far easier than the actual process. See, the problem is our laundry room. It’s not very big.  We had just enough space to set down the pedestal in front of the washer and dryer, and not much room on either side.  Then came the question of how to actually get the pedestal under the washer and dryer; keep in mind the washer, dryer, and pedestal each weighed at least 100 pounds.

After about an hour of contemplating and debating the best way to do this, we said ‘screw it’ and went to work.  We left the pedestal on the ground in front of the washer and dryer, then lifted each one forward (again far harder than it sounds) onto the pedestal.  That’s when we realized the dryer vent no longer fit. While Jeremy stayed home and considered cutting it (if possible; it was covered in plumbing tape), I made a quick run to Home Depot for a flexible vent.  Turns out he was able to cut it and reassemble.  By the time I got back home, he had shoved the whole thing back against the wall.  LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS.

I learned a few things from this project… I really like that paint color (and I’m excited to paint it in our living room), always have another set of hands around if you’re planning on moving 300+ pounds of stuff, and we really need to buy a truck.  The original inspiration had these beautifully painted words on the pedestal, too.  I’m still considering doing that on ours (in hopes the laundry gets sorted immediately, and correctly.)  If I did, it would probably say something like this:

So there you have it.  Jeremy’s first construction project in the new house.  I have to admit, I’m seriously impressed with how well this turned out!  We have other plans for the laundry room, too, including drywall and some additional storage shelves.  Hopefully the room will eventually look nice and finished.  I also have plans to continue finding awesome inspiration on pinterest.  It works out well here. I find the projects, and Jeremy does them. :)


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