Hi, everyone!

This is my/our new attempt at documenting our ups and downs on this crazy path we call life. A brief introduction until I can do some proper blabbing… my name is Steph.  I live in Minnesota with my college sweetheart-turned-husband, Jeremy.  Our life in a quick summary goes something like this:

September, 2004: meet during move-in weekend freshman year of college

November, 2004: start dating

2004-2009: lots of majors, apartments, and growing up

July, 2009: move-in together

December, 2009: get engaged

May, 2010: adopt the first pup, Puckett

November, 2010: tie the knot

June, 2011: buy our first house

August, 2011: adopt 2nd pup, Levi

January, 2012: find out we’re having a baby

August, 2012: welcome Miss Lolo to the family!

So that’s 8 years in a minute.  I’m thinking I’ll do a quick post for each of those so we have our family history in writing. Expect the rest of this blog to be a mix of baby stuff, home reno posts (when we actually find the time!), recipes, puppies, and just some random blabbering. I hope to use this as a way to document our little life so we can look back on it when we’ve forgotten these early years together.  Welcome to our family!

P.S. This is my second attempt at a blog. If you’d like to see the first attempt, click here.