About Us

So who are these people you’re reading about on this blog?


I’m Steph, the resident blogger.  I’m a native of central Wisconsin (but, no, I am NOT a Packers/Badgers/Brewers fan.) My parents both grew up in Minnesota, and my sports loyalties will always lie with Minnesota.  The first chance I had, I hopped the border to attend college.  I met Jeremy (that guy, below) during move-in weekend. I loved campus (Go Gophers!) so much that I picked up a full time job there after graduation.


Jeremy is my husband.  As we continue this blog (assuming I don’t give up on it in a week, like I usually do), I’m hoping to guilt pester lovingly convince him to contribute once in awhile. Jeremy was born and raised in Minneapolis; he attended the University for a year before changing career paths.  He attended a local technical college, graduated, and returned o the U to pursue a teaching degree.  He now works as an advisor and teaches student success.

Miss Lolo at 6w

Miss Lolo at 6w

Miss Lolo is the most recent addition to our little family. She was born about a week and a half early (more on that later) on August 28th, 2012.  We love more than I thought possible (cheesy stereotype, but true) and I think the pups are pretty keen on her too… well, they tolerate her at least. (and Puck thanks her for all the new toys and snacks burpcloths.)

Sleeping Puppy.

While planning our November 2010 wedding, we decided to skip a few steps and add to our family. In May, 2010 we adopted a Siberian Husky/Golden Retriever mix, who we eventually named Puckett (yes, like Kirby.) The Humane Society promised us a nice, medium size dog; we were told he would be about 45 pounds at fully grown. Well, he’s now a year old and 70 pounds.  So much for our medium size dog 😉  But we love him anyway, despite the destruction he’s done to our apartment, clothes, furniture, food, and everything else.

Trouble, part 2
Trouble, part 2

We recently added a second dog to the mix. 🙂  This is Levi; the vet’s best guess is a Husky/Shepherd mix. He was born December, 2010.  We adopted him in August, and he and Puck have been best brothers since the day we brought him home. (Complete with normal brother stuff- cuddling, fighting, wrestling, competing for more attention.) Levi is a supreme hunter and has taken Puck along on his tirades. So that’s us, in a nutshell. I hope to use this blog as a way to document our adventures in marriage, pet parenting (and child parenting eventually), and home ownership.

P.S. If you want to view some of our wedding ideas, click here. (It’s obviously outdated.)

If you want to see a site with some of our wedding pictures, click here.


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