Lo’s Quiet Book

I’ve recently become obsessed with wanting to make Lo a quiet book.  It started when a friend showed me the one that her mom made for her son (who is the same age as Lorelei.)  Flipping through the photos of the pages brought back all these memories of playing with one myself. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Quiet Books are fabric activity books, usually make out of felt; they have different pages that help children learn a different skill. The one page that seems to remind everyone of the books is the shoe tying page, like this:

I love the idea of giving Lo something that she can grow into; I’m planning to make the most basic pages first- both for my skill level and for her ease of use and then adding more challenging pages as I make them.  I originally considered buying one (there are a bunch of options on Etsy but they’re way too expensive), because I know they can be a lot of work, and I’m a bit of a perfectionist with this crafting thing.  But ultimately I decided that it would be a fun challenge for me, and a way to learn all sorts of new sewing skills.  I also really like the idea of giving her something homemade, even if it doesn’t end up perfect.  So I scoured blogs and websites and etsy for ideas.  I pinned a whole bunch of ideas, and eventually settled on the following list.  The pages are listed in the order I plan to make them.  I’ll make sure to update as pages are completed; I’m hoping to have most, if not all, done by Lo’s birthday in August.

Stop Light (velcro on each color)

Marble Maze (sewn in design)

Name Page (snaps on each letter)

Gumball Machine (buttons on each one; color matching)

Dog & Collar (practice buckles; different textures on dog)

Mr. Potato Head (felt face pieces/clothes with a zipper suitcase)

Sock Matching (magnets; pattern matching)

Tennis Shoe (lace tying)

Cupcakes in a Tin (counting practice)

Mailbox & Letters (family members- faces and names?)

Garden (veggies in dirt pockets.)

Do you remember having a quiet book as a kid? What were your favorite pages?


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