Lo’s birth story: part 1

So. Here it is. Over 11 months late, but better late than never, right?  It is super important to me to have this written down somewhere, but it’s been a really hard thing to sit down and write out.  For a few reasons. Time, of course. and also? It was a really difficult week (yes, week) of labor and delivery and processing.  But my little baby is going to be a year old (!) at the end of the month, and it’s time to get it over with.

Fair warning: this will be messy and long-winded. If you don’t want to hear the details, just read my quick summary and skip on past the rest.

CN: “Totally boring pregnancy” until 37w5d when my BP randomly spiked.  I was induced a few days later for pre-eclampsia.  After two days in the hospital, nothing had progressed and I was given a few options (stay and keep trying, go home, rest and come back in a few days, or c-section.) I went home for a few days, went back for a follow up appointment the next week. My blood pressure was still high, so the sent me down for induction #2. After about 10 hours of real labor and less than an hour of pushing (on a failed epi), Lo was born the next day, healthy.

Ok. Seriously. Don’t read further unless you wanna know all about all that.

*deep sigh* Where to start? I guess I’ll start by saying that I very distinctly remember the midwife commenting at my 36w check-up that “there’s nothing going on. It’s a very boring pregnancy, which is exactly what we want.” 2 weeks later, I blamed her for jinxing me.

How’s that for an intro? Lo’s birth story starts at 38w5d.  I had an annual health check up scheduled with my insurance (yes, even though I was very fully pregnant), which consisted of the usual blood draw for cholesterol and a BP reading.  My blood pressure has always been very good, including through pregnancy… except at this random health screening, where my BP was 150-something/110 or so.  The nurse didn’t seem too concerned, because it was just a one-time thing.  I went back to work, and told my (also pregnant) coworker about my BP.  She eventually convinced me to call my clinic and let them know about the abnormal reading.  They asked me to come in that afternoon for another BP reading and check-up on their machines just to be safe.

I spent the rest of the day at work, trying to finish stuff up and fighting off thoughts of worry.  omg. I’m not ready for a real live baby yet! I have so much to do! oh, but bedrest for a few weeks would be totally fine with me.  I called Jeremy and let him know what was up, and reassured him I didn’t need him to come with me to the check-up. I remember getting toward time to leave for my appt (5 minutes from work) and debating whether or not to finish a few emails.  I decided to just run out the door and finish them when I got back to the office. yeah.

I got to the clinic and tried to catch my breath and calm down before the appointment.  I headed back to the dreaded hallway and sure enough, my blood pressure was super high again (162/127 or something like that?) yikes.  The nurse tried reassuring me that it was fine, but in my mind, I knew that was no good.  When my midwife came into the room, she immediately asked me how I was doing, if I had noticed any changes, etc.  I mentioned that I had been having a bad headache for the past few days, not thinking anything of it.  They decided to have me wait a little bit to retake my BP; meanwhile, they hooked me up to the non-stress test machine. (Basically, monitors for contractions, and you have a little clicker to press whenever you feel baby move/kick.) That was fine, but my BP retake was still a little high.  Knowing I had been having headaches and a little bit of blurry vision, they asked me to head down to Labor & Delivery so they could keep an eye on me and the baby for a little bit before letting me go home. I called Jeremy again and told him to head home, that I would be a little bit later.  And off to L&D I went.

That  ended up being quite the ordeal, letmetellyou.  I was in L&D about an hour before they felt comfortable with my BP (seriously. I have to be the other person who’s BP went DOWN in labor & delivery wing.) Although the stress test was great and I was showing no signs of serious contractions, I had to hang out there for almost 4 hours.  I should’ve recognized the beginning of my bad luck… waited forever for them to come draw blood. Then they ran the test wrong so I had to get poked again, but they couldn’t find a good vein, so someone else from lab had to try. They finally let me go, after making me promise to do a 24-hour urine collection.  I went home and spent the next day collecting my pee and storing it in the fridge (yeah, it’s as weird as it sounds) until I went back for another check up that Thursday.

part 2 ….


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