We’re still here!

ohhey. We’re here still. Life, as a cliche, as been crazy.  I have a lot I want to talk about, but I figured the best way to get going is to just type something. I know I owe you all a 9 month update for real. But I wanted to at least drop her stats here before I forget.


Height: 29.5″ (50-75%)

Weight: 20.4 lb (75%)

Head: don’t remember, but I know it was 95%+ as always

Shots: nada!

Big milestones over the last month or so include crawling. and pulling up on everything. and not sleeping. and TEETH! two of them, on the botton to be exact.

Yes, we had her 9 month appointment almost 3 weeks ago, because my baby is almost 10 months old. no. not possible. Seriously. I’m having major issues coping with this.  I feel like I say that every month, but it’s just worse the past week or so. I dont ‘know what it is- maybe the teeth? the crawling from room to room? the pounding on doors and understanding that there’s someone/something on the other side she wants? Maybe it’s the glimpses of her stubborn, wise personality- you know, the one I’m going to dread when she’s a teenager.  Payback and all that.

Seriously though.  I feel like I’ve missed so much of her life, and it’s a hard thing to come to terms with lately.  All of a sudden I don’t have a baby anymore. I have a little person living with us. A little girl who already is so full of curiosity and opinions and love.  I often catch myself just watching her expressions, trying to figure out exactly what’s going on in that little noggin of hers.  Wondering what it’s like to start to really understand this huge world we’re all living in.  (goodness knows I, at 27, really have no clue what it’s all about.) I love watching her sneak up on Puckett and squeal in delight and pride when he jumps after she grabs his tail.

There are so many moments that make me catch my breath. So many moments that make me realize just how blessed we are, and just how much I have to look forward to.  But for now? I want my little girl to be a baby. To cuddle up and grasp my finger while she nods off to sleep.  If anyone has suggestions on how to freeze time, please send them my way.


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