Miss Lo- 8 months!

Oy. I’m late by a week!  Life is crazy these days.  Work is at its busiest point all year as we prep for school end close and start up the summer season. And gone are the days where I can set down little Lo and do something productive for half an hour.  My little baby is moving around so quickly and fearlessly- her new trick is to follow me into the kitchen.  So we spend a lot of time on the floor with her, playing with new toys and practicing ‘be nice’ to the puppies.  So far Levi is pretty unaffected- he just does his own thing, stopping by for a quick sniff once in awhile.  Puck though? Puck and Lo are going to be best friends, we can tell already.  When she cries, he’s there immediately.  When she’s on the ground, he’s lying next to her and he’s been so good as she starts to climb on him and give ‘kisses’.  (I just play oblivious to the obvious dog hair she’s ingested thus far.)

Puppy and Baby Games

Puppy and Baby Games

What’s new? Well little Miss never.stops.making.noise.  She loves to click her tongue on the roof of her mouth and otherwise play with her tongue- sticking it out, blowing raspberries, speaking in parseltongue (only somewhat kidding on that one.)  Still no teeth though!  She’s also sitting 100% fine and confidently, and she’s now twisting and turning and spinning all over the place.  She’s going from sitting to kneeling to being on her belly- and thennnnn crawling.  She’s still doing a half army-crawl kind of thing, but gets up on her knees and lunges forward.  Even without the ‘real’ crawling, that girl scoots at a pretty impressive speed.  She sees something she wants and BAM she’s there. Yes this includes puppy ears and tails 🙂

Happy Lo modeling her new headband

Happy Lo modeling her new headband

The eating thing is going so well too!  She’s just starting to decrease her formula intake (my wallet does not complain), because she’s eating a solid three meals/day.  I say solids lightly, because daycare is still feeding her purees twice/day during the week.  All of her meals at home with us though are real food, what is commonly referred to as Baby-Led Weaning.  I call it “make things easy and let her eat whatever we’re having.” The most recent new foods that she’s tried are tacos (she got some cheese, hamburger, and tomatoes separate), green beans, homemade sweet potato fries, and turkey burgers.  She loves eating! I really really hope to instill good habits so we’re exposing her to lots of different flavors and textures early. I promise a post on our food method soon!

The only times she’s given us any issues with food is when she hasn’t felt well. *knock on wood* we’ve been mostly disease-free the past month.  Just a few stuffy noses and some allergies (for me).  Hopefully Mother Nature is really done with winter at this point, so the flu and nasty colds can stay away.  We have been battling some ‘teething’ lately, though there is nothing to show for it.  Poor girl still just has some really swollen gums, but neither tooth has actually broken the surface yet.  Oh well.  My grandma told me that the later they teethe, the stronger the teeth they have. So I’m just going to go with that.

Sleepy baby on a plane

Sleepy baby on a plane

So without further ado, Lo’s milestone skills for the month. (I’ll note that I’ve had to switch over to the older milestone chart now. you know, because my baby is in her second half of the first year. wahh. Chart can be found here if interested. edit: that page has changed, but here’s a saved copy of the chart from someone’s blog.) Anyway. Time to compare Lo to other babies of her age:

Mastered Skills

  • Says “mama” or “dada”- just ‘dada’ so far (despite my pleading…) but I think it’s a generic ‘hey you!’ meaning at this point
  • Passes objects from hand to hand- oh yeah. everything is inspected carefully

Emerging Skills

  • Stands while holding onto something- yup! She’ll pull herself up to standing from sitting too if she’s holding on to our hands.
  • Crawls- kind of, like I mentioned before she has her own way of getting all over the place.  Not the ‘real’ crawling on all fours belly-of-the-ground type though
  • Points at objects- definitely. Whatever she wants, she lets us know.
  • Searches for hidden objects- she does this too.  Especially when I try to hide something from her 😉

Advanced Skills

  • Pulls self to standing, cruises- yes to the first, kind of to the cruising. I just saw her scoot along the couch a few steps.  But she definitely pulls herself to standing when she’s got something to hold onto.
  • Picks things up with finger-thumb pincer grasp- oh yeah.  I think a big reason why she can do this so well is the feeding style.  Now whenever she’s crawling around, she’ll grab the smallest speck of whatever.
  • Indicates wants with gestures- just by pointing.  We are doing baby sign language a little. I know she understand what we’re saying/signing, but I’m not sure she’s signed back to us at all yet.

That’s our little girl for the last month!  I’m going to try and post more again. I know I”ve been slacking for the past month or so.  But to hold you over, here’s a link to my Instagram photos (they are mostly Lo pictures!)


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